I believe in empowering people
through technology.

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Technology is the strongest force shaping society today. I believe in leveraging it to empower people, especially when it comes to their health and wellness.

In the near future, with supercomputers (aka smart phones) in our pockets and sensors in our clothes, the average person will be able to collect, share, and use information to make smarter health decisions in real time, supported by health care providers, coaches, researchers, and family members, even when they’re not physically with us.

I’ve been working toward this vision for more than a decade, leading federal programs, defining business strategies, designing digital products, and inspiring others through public speaking. Since high school I’ve bridged the gaps among diverse groups. Today I identify with entrepreneurs, policy wonks, business leaders, and designers. This cross-pollination of perspectives energizes me. I am curious, passionate, and determined. I love creative problem solving, developing solutions that are both useful and beautiful, and collaborating with talented teams.

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Lygeia means "clear voiced" in ancient Greek. I started Clear Voice Consulting in 2007 to help clients succeed in the fast-paced environment of consumer engagement and digital health. I put my practice on hold for several years to launch the Consumer eHealth Program at the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) at the US Department of Health. I reopened Clear Voice in 2014 to provide the following services:

Strategic Analysis – I help you better understand, interpret and apply key industry trends and policies shaping consumer engagement in health.

Product Development – I can assess the strengths and weaknesses of your product or service relative to competitors, and help you develop key features, enhance design, and identify partners or customers.

Marketing to Consumers – I help you shape messaging and materials leveraging the latest research. I can work with you to produce or refine content for websites, video, radio, TV, or other media.

Public Speaking – I am available to present to groups ranging from corporate boards to audiences at major conferences.